“The Beauty in Being Unknown”


I have to be honest. Some of the best blogs I’ve read have been concise and to the point, but admittedly it’s only been a handful.  As a writer, I prefer a few words on leisure topics. I’m a get to the point…kind of girl! It’s just what I do, so here we go.

Now, to the topic at hand… (in a soothing voice) Believe it or not, there is beauty in being “unknown.”  After removing myself from social media and protesting against selfies for about a year now, I’ve discovered a life lived in private, unfolds beautiful mysteries.  I know that sounds “woo-woo,” but it does.

We are programmed to violate our own privacy the minute we wake up by giving the world too much access to us. It makes our world noisy.  Think of New York 24/7 with you, everywhere you go. (the bathroom, gym, restaurants, church, yoga, bed, while you’re having sex) Ugh!  You get the point.  Whistles, horns, subways, smog, and smoke! Dreadful……. Noise..Lots of noise.

Why not……Treat yourself like a VIP..”very important person.” Everyone does not deserve to know you.

Find the beauty in this rare exclusivity that few allow themselves to experience these days.  Your whole being will thank you when you do.



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