Refuse To Be Anything Less Than Present

Be Present

I inwardly laugh to myself when I see a familiar face, greet them, and notice within seconds, I’m immediately asked the all too familiar question “So, how have you been?” The hilarity of this question is always their follow-up questions about “the past or stress of the future.”   Think about it……How many conversations have you ever overheard discussing what is actually happening at that moment?   Not many at all…..

That’s the world we live in, when we remain unawarePeople don’t realize it’s a choice.  My answer is always the same. It puzzles them, but invites them to become present and mindful. I always respond with the coyest smirk, “I’m fantastic, because I’m standing here chatting with you!”  The blank stare on their face is priceless joy, and pure happiness for me and ends up being the same for them.

We are constantly bombarded by society through every imaginable medium to be any where, but where we are. The present moment is always overlooked, yet it is actually the only thing that’s “real at the time.”  Thinking about the future, for many creates anxiety and reflecting on the past often leads to dread and depression.  And, guess what?  It’s no longer what is “real.”  So, let’s stop wasting time focusing on what will not and hasn’t served us well.

I’m not suggesting that you no longer dream and think big….Uh, that would be disastrous and boring!  Dream your goals and think big, but do it from a place where you’re “already being what you seek.”  Refuse to be anything less than present, and you will experience the unfolding beauty of all you desire every step of the way in pure bliss….Ah!

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