Living in Default Mode


How many times a day do you find yourself boasting about your daily routine? You know, the one that never changes. You go to the same place every day, at the same time, and do the same thing….the same way.  How about your conversations? Are they also on repeat?  Hmmm….My friend, you are living in “default mode,” by way of dreaded daily routines.

There’s a huge difference between our daily routines and “happy habits!” One changes your life, inspires you, and the other gets you more of what you’ve been getting. How can you quickly spot the imposter? Easily!

Routines (Ugh Zone)

  • feels like obligation
  • same results without discovering anything new (No growth)
  • unfulfilling (comes from a very shallow place)
  • so predictable you could do it in your sleep

Happy Habits (Ah! Zone)

  • feels like inspiration (intuition-led)
  • others are positively influenced
  • results are not predictable, but the journey is pleasurable and surprising
  • growth is guaranteed

Find your sweet spot, place of happiness and waddle it! You deserve it, can have it, and “are it!” Ah!

Get your quick hit of positivity, so you can live a fulfilled life, instead of a “busy” one. Listen to Podcast. (Here)

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