One Brick at a Time

Building a Wall

I was inspired by an interview Will Smith did some time ago. He shared how his parents taught him to focus on one brick” versus “building a whole wall.”  It was refreshing to hear someone admit the waste in worrying about the perfection of achieving a goal.  Don’t focus on building the whole wall perfectly.  Take small steps, and be present for them. Play full out and show up one brick at a time. Why?

  • The process is the love story. It will be what you will need to share with others.  People will want to know the juiciness of “how you did it,” not “what” you did.
  • This releases you from anxiety, panic, and stress. Think about it!  Would you rather carry one brick or a whole wall?  Hmmm…
  • Far more flows our way when we don’t freight and fuss.  So, relax…..and make room for miracles!  

Take a deep breath……and exhale…..Ah!!

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