Success Is Serving Others

Serve Others

I love conversations about desiring goals, setting goals, being intentional, achieving success and reaching for the stars! (I’m literally, saying sarcastically.)  Yep!  But, seriously…..We commonly hear people say “I deserve this, that, or the other.” 

I’m secretly annoyed by this belief.  Here’s the deal! All of us deserve the very best at all times. Period.  So, the word “deserve” suggests some deserve it and others don’t. Hmmm……It makes no sense. 

I am a trooper for setting goals, thriving, and planning intentionally.  I actually have my goals posted all around my house, even in the restroom. However, I feel “success goes beyond pacifying our own needs, old wounds, and hurts.”  You see, some pursue success to:

  • Prove someone wrong who doubted them in the past

  • Heal old childhood wounds and hurts

  • Seek value in what they do, instead of who they are

My question is “Who will your accomplishment of success serve?”  That’s what it’s all about!  Think of that “successful” lonely person who is “relationship broke.” Hmmmmm….Is he or she really successful? 

Success is not about the destination. It’s about the person we become on our way to the destination.  My dear friends, success isn’t about getting, it’s more about giving………Ah!  Be light. Be love. Be you!


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