(Day 23) A Daily Dose of Happiness for Depression

Image result for children skipping down the street

I’m getting ready to suggest something that may seem absolutely ridiculous….You may roll your eyes upon reading it, but give it a go before you judge me! Lol….Now that you’ve been warned, I will submit the “Happy Request” I have for you today. Yes, you!  

I dare you…as you are walking sometime today, and not feeling your best ….to just break out in an “unannounced skip!” That’s right! I want you to, for no reason at all; other than the goal of getting your “Happy” on, start skipping. I’ve done it….still do it…and it works wonders.  It’s funny and freeing! Come on! Lighten up…Laugh and skip with me today.

Another “skippy day” is on the way…..Be light….Be love….Be You….Love, Tonya

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