Fear Remedy

no-fear Image

We all experience moments of anxiety, worry, doubt and fear. This is a natural part of life, but you don’t have to linger in these “low vibe” states. You can get out quicker, and move on to happiness.  Yes, it might seem pretty naive and unrealistic…but, the secret has been exposed!  The only relevance of fear and other negative states is that they make us aware of what we don’t want, falsely believe might happen, and tells us whether we are aligned with our highest self, in our response in every moment.  Hmm……That was a mouthful, but it’s true.

If we are feeling anything less than “love and support” from Source..chances are “Source or Infinite Intelligence” has a different opinion about the situation.  Turning this negative boat around can be easy!  Try SBNA.

  • S -Stop what you are doing. I mean, actually “stop.”
  • B– Breath- Inhale and exhale.. (for real, not the fake one) Take a deep breathe.
  • N– Notice what is actually happening at the moment. For example, if you are driving, sitting, working, etc. Where are you? Notice it by taking a moment to look at your surroundings.
  • A– Ask and Acknowledge- This changes everything! Ask yourself this question. “Am I alright this very second?” Not tomorrow, not 5-minutes ago, not last week, or next month.  Is everything okay where you are this very moment? You’ll find that the answer will always be “yes.”  Eckhart Tolle is the master teacher of “The Power of Now.”  This question is a “game changer!” The fear dissolves, because the truth of  “what is” has been acknowledged.

There is no honor in walking through life mentally sabotaging yourself with fear. Thoughts are things! If you get in a negative state, get out quickly and enjoy more moments of “Ah!”  It is always available and within you. Be blessed. Be love.