Episode 99: “Let It Go and Start Where You Are”

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-buwfv-9725a9 Making a decision is the easiest, and at times the most difficult thing to do. We all struggle with it, but equally have an opportunity to go within and start again.  Check out today’s episode as Dr. Caroline Myss simplistically inspires us to heal and start over. Listen up! Be inspired! 

Your World Is Your Personal Compact Mirror

We live in a “selfie-obsessed” world, but few seem to be genuinely “happy.” Well, check your mirror! Take a look!  What are you saying to the person you see?  Our “inner world, creates our outer world.” Hmmmm……Let’s get clear, free, and uncover who we “really” are and say something different to ourselves. Join in and… Continue reading Your World Is Your Personal Compact Mirror