(Day 11) A Daily Dose of Happiness for Depression

When the days are tough, remember this beauty….”We have thoughts, but we are not our thoughts.” This will pass…Today will become yesterday…Yesterday will become last week…Last week will become last month…Last month will become last year, and you would have made it…… Be light… Be love…. Be you…..Love, Tonya

S2:Ep:118 “The Quality of Our Questions”

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-e3ade-9eea35 If we change the quality of our questions, we will change the quality and direction of our lives. Today’s episode features the powerful and pleasant spirit of Dr. Beckwith! On this episode he shares a contemplative practice that will literally change your life forever.  These questions will literally “open you up and awaken you… Continue reading S2:Ep:118 “The Quality of Our Questions”

Episode 89: “How to Tap Into Your the Power of Your Intention ” Pt.1

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-66fmi-956c5c Nothing we do is separate from our “intent” to do it. But is it from a place of divine purpose or lack and scarcity?  Dr. Wayne Dyer understands and explains the power of intention like no other human on the planet.  He left us with a true gift….His brilliance and the wisdom of this… Continue reading Episode 89: “How to Tap Into Your the Power of Your Intention ” Pt.1