Your World Is Your Personal Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror

We live in a “selfie-obsessed” world, but few seem to be genuinely “happy.” Well, check your mirror! Take a look!  What are you saying to the person you see?  Our “inner world, creates our outer world.” Hmmmm……Let’s get clear, free, and uncover who we “really” are and say something different to ourselves. Join in and listen up…..

Check Out the Podcast Here. “Beware, serious happiness may ensue!”

If I had to sum up the podcast in a nutshell, I would start by singing “Happy by Farrell.” Lol… Yep! If that doesn’t get you in a great mood, I’ve got just what you need. I’m not a fan of long blogs, so here’s a quick dose of positivity!

First of all, “Why on earth aren’t more of us happy? Well, here’s the thing. We say some awful things about ourselves behind our backs, but in our face and thoughts when we look in the mirror. Hmmm…Raise your hand if you are guilty.  Check out what you say about your “past and future.” Is it good? Or is it a old negative rerun show?  Is it last year’s subscription of “your life’s story?”  You know, the one where everyone mistreated you. That’s what’s got you stuck and unhappy!

  • You will see what you say in the mirror, and feel what you describe. (Say something new, beautiful, and inspiring and you will see that.)

Why do we treat ourselves like the neighbors? Because we don’t feel “worthy.” Stop determining your self worth based on outside entities. We usually allow the love of someone else, or the lack of it validate and devalue our love and acceptance of ourselves.  This will continue to happen like a rat on a wheel, if we don’t accept “who we truly are”… in and of itself.

  • No one chooses to be unhappy, but those who are happy…..chose it baby!

So, change the channel! How?  It’s called self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and reflecting love. It’s your reflection in the mirror.  You’re the first person you see, hear through your thoughts, and touch each and every morning. It’s you…Breathe in. Breathe out. Embrace the “true” you.

  • Understand happiness has nothing to do with the outside, but it creates the outside.

Ah!…….Be beautiful, be vulnerable, loving and kind to yourself and others. 

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